The first assembly: Iraq and its neighbours, January 17-19 2019

The Baghdad Policy Club is an independent international initiative to enable multilateral discussions on the future of the Middle East. Policy experts, practitioners and top-level decision makers meet in –and inspired by– the ancient and vibrant metropolis at the banks of the Tigris river. The joint initiative of the Baghdad International Centre for Studies and Peace Building, ERGD e.V. Inter-Faith dialogue, and the Berlin-based think tank Candid Foundation was founded in 2018. The first roundtable of the Baghdad Policy Club took place on January 17-19 2019 on the topic:

Iraq and its neighbours – challenges and opportunities for a new regional stability

(Domestic developments and challenges for Iraq’s role in the region: defining their interests and exploring innovative approaches to co-operation /  Global players and Iraq: What role for the United States, Russia, China / Iraq and the European powers: EU, France, UK, Germany and NATO / regional stability and the role of societies and non-state actors in the modern Middle East’s international relations)

 The roundtable was attended by experts and diplomatic representatives from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Russia, the European Union, France, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. It was supported by H.E. the Prime Minister of Iraq, Dr. Adel Abd al-Mahdi and H.E. Ayatollah Seyyed Hussein al-Sadr. Results and findings will soon be available.

Among the participants of the Baghdad Policy Club are:

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